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Congressman Luis Gutierrez

Representing the 4th District of Illinois

Rep. Gutiérrez Announces Family Defender Toolkit

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced immigration executive actions that will strengthen our security and allow certain individuals to be able to apply for protection from deportation and work authorization.  Individuals who can demonstrate that they have longstanding ties to this country, that they entered as minors or have U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident children, and can pass a criminal background check, can be protected temporarily from deportation.  With the announcement of the two programs, the expansion of the DACA program and the new DAPA program for immigrant parents, Congressman Luis Gutiérrez and Members of Congress are educating immigrants about the requirements of the program and the steps they can take now to be ready when applications are available. This new toolkit includes information about the eligibility requirements and the types of documents that should be gathered. A fuller list of documents is available on my website at

Another important part of the President's November 2014 announcement was the new prosecutorial discretion memo that clarifies who is and who is not a priority for deportation. While the expanded DACA program and DAPA programs are not yet accepting applications, the new enforcement priorities went into effect in January 2015. Based on the policy set forth by the Department of Homeland Security, immigrants who can demonstrate they are eligible for one of these programs (DAPA or DACA) are not priorities for removal. This pamphlet contains a wallet card that can help an eligible immigrant explain in both English and Spanish that they are eligible for either DACA or DAPA and that they have documents that demonstrate their eligibility. In addition to preparing for the application, now is also a good time to select a trusted person to serve as an immigration emergency contact and to meet with local community organizations or legal service providers that can provide more information regarding immigration law and can assist in an immigration emergency.

This toolkit is designed as a double-sided pamphlet that you can print and keep with copies of documents in a safe location.

Family Defender Toolkit (scribd)

Family Defender Toolkit (pdf)