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Congressman Luis Gutierrez

Representing the 4th District of Illinois

Reps. Schakowsky and Gutiérrez Discuss Optimism for Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal

July 20, 2015
Press Release

Reps. Schakowsky and Gutiérrez Discuss Optimism for Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal

CHICAGO – On Monday, two Chicago-area Members of Congress, Jan Schakowsky and Luis Gutiérrez, met with reporters to discuss the prospects for the Iran Nuclear Arms Agreement as it heads to the Congress for approval, and express their optimism.  They were joined by experts in international affairs and Middle East policy to discuss the deal and its implications for the US and Middle East policy.  Alan Solow, Former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and Dr. Rachel Bronson, Executive Director and Publisher of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and Adjunct Professor of Global Initiatives at Kellogg School of Management, shared their perspectives as to why this is a strong agreement.

"Over a decade ago, the United States decided to address the perceived threat of a 'mushroom cloud' coming from Iraq by going to war, a war that unleashed massive violence in the Mideast  and a war that persists today. Today, the Obama administration, faced with the real threat of a nuclear weaponized Iran, has chosen instead the path of diplomacy, the path of peace. This historic negotiation holds out the hope of a more stable, nuclear weapon free region that makes all the world safer. I am proud to support it."

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

“Built into the agreement to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands are monitoring features that will give the US and our allies almost instantaneous alerts if they take actions to violate it.  It will never be 100 percent, but it gives us the best chance of keeping our eyes on them.  To everyone who complains that this deal is not good enough, I want to know what their alternative is.  I don’t think those who are planning to vote against this agreement in the House have any realistic alternatives.”

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez

“The deal reached between the P5+1 and Iran will make the United States, Israel and the world more safe. It places severe restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program for an extended period and provides for unprecedented and intrusive inspections. As a Jewish communal leader, I have worked for years to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. This agreement is the largest step forward that we have ever been able to take in achieving this goal. There is no ‘better deal' available should Congress foolishly reject this opportunity to advance our defense. The rejection of this deal will lead to an Iran with no restrictions on its nuclear program and no international sanctions regime against it. That would be a mistake -- instead, we should welcome this agreement as substantially setting back the nuclear clock while leaving us with all options available should Iran seek to break out of its agreement not to produce a nuclear weapon.”

Alan Solow

“Like agreements between the US and Russia that came before, this arms control agreement has the potential to prevent the spread of the world's most dangerous weapons. With artful diplomacy and politics, it could create a more peaceful world.”

Dr. Rachel Bronson

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