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Congressman Luis Gutierrez

Representing the 4th District of Illinois

Committees and Caucuses

114th Congress


Congressman Gutiérrez currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee for the 114th Congress, where he plays a critical role in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and sensible gun control legislation.

Rep. Gutiérrez requested and received placement on the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. The Congressman last served on the subcommittee during the 110th and 111th Congresses and has a long history as a leader on immigration policy and strategy for the Democratic Caucus. He was the House author along with then-Congressman Jeff Flake and Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain of the first bicameral, bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2005.  Rep. Gutiérrez has devoted his twenty year career in Congress to the goal of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) and will continue to be a champion for the American people and for immigrants and their families in the fight for CIR.  In addition to issues of immigration and naturalization, the subcommittee has jurisdiction over border security, admission of refugees, treaties, conventions and international agreements, claims against the United States, Federal charters of incorporation, private immigration and claims bills, and nonborder enforcement. 

Rep. Gutiérrez  also serves on the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations. One of the top legislative issues for the Subcommittee in the 114th Congress is the passage of sensible gun control legislation, in particular efforts to reinstate the assault weapons ban, restrict the possession and manufacture of high-capacity magazines, and to expand universal background checks for all gun purchases. In addition to gun control, the subcommittee has jurisdiction over Federal Criminal Code, drug enforcement, sentencing, parole and pardons, internal and homeland security, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, prisons, and criminal law enforcement.

The Congressman took temporary leave from his position as a senior member of the Financial Services Committee, to serve on the Judiciary Committee and work toward comprehensive immigration reform, gun violence prevention, and other important goals.


Congressman Gutiérrez  served as a Member of the prestigious House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He was first appointed to the Committee by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on January 25, 2011, during the 112th Congress. He served on the Subcommittee on Terrorism, HUMINT, Analysis, and Counterintelligence. The committee has oversight over the U.S. intelligence community.


112th Congress and Prior Congresses


Congressman Gutiérrez has worked to restore economic stability, protect consumers, and strengthen regulations for the financial institutions whose risky behavior contributed to the economic collapse in 2008.  Congressman Gutiérrez previously served as the Ranking Member on the Financial Services Subcommittee on Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity and a member of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit during the 112th Congress. The Subcommittee on Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity had oversight over the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), in addition to insurance and government-sponsored insurance programs; housing, including rental assistance, mortgage and loan insurance, Section 8, rural housing, community development and neighborhood planning. Previously, the Congressman served as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit (2009-2011) and the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology (2007-2009).

As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit during the 111th Congress, Congressman Gutiérrez worked closely with former Chairman Barney Frank on the passage of Dodd-Frank and a member of the conference committee on the Wall Street Reform bill in 2010.

Throughout his tenure on the Financial Services Committee, Congressman Gutiérrez has spearheaded efforts to bring more minorities into the banking system. He also has played a prominent role in cracking down on predatory lenders, including flagrant abuses in payday lending to the military, and is leading efforts to make the costs of remittance services more transparent and to increase competition in the marketplace.  An amendment offered by Congressman Gutiérrez in the Financial Services Committee to cap the interest on payday loans made to military families and provide them with other basic protections against abusive lenders, was signed into law in 2006.  For more information on Congressman Gutiérrez’ work on the Financial Services Committee click here.


Congressman Gutiérrez is a member of the following Congressional Caucuses:

  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus
  • Congressional Tri-Caucus
  • Congressional Progressive Caucus
  • Congressional Urban Caucus
  • Congressional Task Force on Responsible Fatherhood
  • U.S.-Mexico Friendship Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues
  • Congressional Ukrainian Caucus
  • Congressional Spina Bifida Caucus
  • House Baltic Caucus
  • Congressional Social Work Caucus
  • Congressional Entertainment Industries Caucus
  • Congressional Study Group on Germany
  • Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus
  • Congressional Humanities Caucus
  • Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus
  • House Democratic Caucus
  • Congressional Community Health Centers Caucus
  • Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus
  • Congressional Arts Caucus
  • Congressional Azerbaijani Caucus
  • Historic Preservation Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Intellectual Property Promotion and Piracy Prevention
  • Congressional Urban Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Parkinson's Disease
  • Congressional Friends of Spain Caucus
  • Congressional Diabetes Caucus
  • International Religious Freedom Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues
  • Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition
  • House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus
  • Out of Iraq Caucus
  • International Conservation Caucus
  • House Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus
  • Congressional Mental Health Caucus
  • Bipartisan Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease
  • Congressional TRIO Caucus
  • Diversity and Innovation Caucus
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption
  • Congressional Caucus on Central America
  • Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus